Jax is a very picky eater when it comes to dry food, but he absolutely loves the wild boar food from Beco Pets. I also like that it is grain free, meat meal free, no artificial and that it contains vitamin C.
Sandra Pettersen
Happy Beco Customer

My dog, Rio, and I are huge fans of Beco Pets! We love all of your products and how they are eco-friendly. Rio especially loves the Beco Food for Dogs kibble. Having a sensitive stomach can be hard, but he’s never had any problems with Beco food and adores all the flavours – thank you, Beco!

Chloe Fanthorpe
Happy Beco Customer
Our Lancashire Heeler ‘Foxthyme Billie-Jean’ was judged Reserve Best Bitch in her breed at Crufts 2017, after winning the ‘Junior Bitch’ class. That’s a massive achievement as she’s only a year old. It must be the Beco Pets influence rubbing off on her – she sleeps in a Beco bed, eats out of a Beco bowl and her poop is picked up with a Beco bag!
Neil Pope
Crufts competitor

After purchasing two of your hamster bowls for my two Robovoski dwarf hamsters Nibbles and Dudley, I feel the bowls are absolutely fantastic, and are great quality as well as sturdy. They’ve been shallow enough to be used as an emergency water bowl, and they still hold all their food. Both boys aged around 4 months love sitting in them to eat. The bowls are wide enough to allow them to do this comfortably and with room to spare! I love the colours and overall design which includes mounds as this allows them easy access to their food. It’s great that it’s eco friendly too! I will certainly be getting all my pet bowls from you from now on. I can’t wait for my cats to need new bowls so I can swap them to these!

Abbie Wheeler
Happy Beco Customer
“Both myself and my chief product tester, Benny, love the Beco toys. Durable enough even for terrier teeth, the Beco Ball is one of Benny’s firm favourites. It’s great to know they are eco-friendly too!

“We were also excited to be able to stock the new range of Beco Food for Dogs at Millbry Hill. Not only does this food offer a highly nutritious, healthy and balanced diet for dogs, but it also offers our customers peace of mind that the ingredients in the bag are natural, sustainable and better for the environment.”

Rosie Wilkinson
Happy Beco Retailer
“Beco food is a sustainably sourced, natural product with superfoods. As you can see from our ‘We Love Poop’ T-shirts, we reckon Beco food is also nutritious, healthy and good for dogs’ digestive tracts, too. Our dogs love it,” said the team, pictured from left, Rachel, Charlene, Laura, Kim and Andrew. The top team of vets, nurses and retail assistants at the online veterinary pharmacy Vetimed, based in Amesbury, near Salisbury, Wilts. are big fans of Beco Pets new Food for Dogs. They even posed for a fun Facebook portrait wearing Beco shirts.
Happy Beco Customer
“Our two-year-old Dachshund, Alfie, was itching non-stop and scratching himself. We feared he had a dose of fleas and took him to the vet. After examining him, the vet confirmed it was not fleas and suggested it might be the processed food ingredients in the high street pet food brand we were giving him and that Alfie’s body was reacting to it.

“The vet recommended organic food and gave us a list of ingredients to look out for. Then I remembered a friend had given me some samples of Beco food for dogs. I checked the side of the packet when I got home and it ticked all the boxes the vet had mentioned. Perfect!

“Within 10 days of starting on Beco food, Alfie stopped scratching altogether and his coat had repaired. The evidence could not have been more clear. We saw Beco food was meat-meal free, grain-free and almost everything the vet told us to look for.

“Alfie started on the wild boar recipe, loved the MSC-certified cod and haddock, but his favourite is free-range chicken. At breakfast and lunchtimes, he gets very excited and his tail now displays ‘enthusiastic wagging’. He can’t wait to get tucked in!”

Will Littlejohns
Happy Beco Customer
“Beco Food for Dogs – Take a look at the transparency of ingredients by Beco pet foods, if you are feeding pre-prepared dog food, this is the standard you should aim for.”

Sally Gutteridge
Canine Principles school
Just wanted to give you an update! Gatsby has been playing with the toy for almost two weeks now and it’s still intact! There are some bite marks in the rubber, and a bit of fraying on the rope but we’re still going strong.

Thank you so much for sending a replacement to us. We will definitely be purchasing your toys again in the future.

Lauren + Gatsby
Happy Beco Customer

Just a quick email to say thank you so so much from me and Scrappy for all the amazing presents – so generous of you.

We don’t have a lot of kit for him yet so everything has been brilliant – but especially the collapsible bowl which comes everywhere. And the eco-friendly poo bags on rolls. And he loved Lucy the parrot (who sadly eventually became an ex-parrot but that’s Jack Russells for you (!) and it did give him a LOT of enjoyment).

Anyway I really love the site and have ordered one of your dog beds for him to use at work – I’ll also definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Thanks again!

Katie and Scrappy xx

Katie Greenwood
Happy Beco Customer
Hi Beco,

I´d like to thank you for the new bone, that arrived today. The bone with hollow structure is definitely tougher than the one I bought earlier. Our youngest dog, a one-year- old small munsterlander has been very happy tonight.

I wish you all the best with these products.

Yours sincerely,
Nina Pöyr

Nina Pöyr
Happy Beco Customer
Just wanted to say how wonderful your Poop bags are!! I only brought them as they were on special at our local petshop one day when I was shopping for my two beautiful pugs. They are really beautiful HOWEVER insisting on pooping on every walk that we go on regardless of what time of day it is. I have used a lot of poop bags during those walks and these are the best!! They are easy to unravel, easy to open and thick so no concerns about touching anything!
In the past I have used bags where I stand there for 10 minutes attempting to open them and the pugs are waiting, waiting, waiting very impatiently. Not with these bags when we can keep going on our walk. Thank you!!!
Dionne Lynch
Happy Beco Customer
Saw your Poop Bags product briefly on the Apprentice then spotted them in my local farm shop. I have to say they are brilliant for large Labradors! I would certainly recommend them to any dog owner who gas a dog that produces as much poop as my dog. Thank you for an excellent product.
Liz Reading
Happy Beco Customer
Hi, I used your site for the first time last week – I ordered a couple of Beco Bowls for my cats.

These arrived yesterday and I’m absolutely delighted with them – so much so, I’ve just ordered another 4! (and will probably gradually replace all their bowls – and the dogs with these – over time!)

I’m very impressed with the quickness of delivery & your prices are great – please can you pass on my thanks to all involved and especially Beco Things!


Happy Beco Customer

The Bear bags with handles are brilliant. I always used the plastic shopping bags that you used to get free with your shopping for my dog but now that we don’t get them anymore I was put onto these bags.

My Rottweiler has, lets say, large and lots of output and the thin bags that you normally get for dog waste are pretty useless especially with a scooper, I’m so happy my pet shop put me onto them.

Also, for the hassle-free aspect of not having to mess about with inadequate other bags I’m happy with the price. Other people may think it’s a bit expensive but at 6.00 in the morning and 11.00 at night, not having to mess about is worth it.

Thanks guys.
Jason Hepworth

Jason Hepworth
Happy Beco Customer
thank you very much for all your help. I am so impressed with your company and will be recommending to everyone.

All the best,

Louise du Boulay
Happy Beco Customer
Hello again,

Thank you so much for the two jungle ropes. Will be seeing Pip in 2 weeks’ time – already sent him a photo on facebook and am sure he can’t wait to get his teeth around them 😉

Thank you so much for your very fair response, I shall definitely be buying BecoThings again.

Kind regards, Joan Veale

Joan Veale
Happy Beco Customer

Wow! That is great customer service indeed – thank you very much.

With thanks & regards,

Anne Murray
Happy Beco Customer
Yesterday I bought one of your pink eco bowls for my border collie puppy (who is coming in 2 days!!!! aaaahhh!!!) and I just wanted to say that I have never seen or heard of such a thing before, but what an absolutely genius idea!

I have recommended you to my mum (who has 3 dogs) as well as some other people.Now that I have seen your website I may have to sell one of the children in order to buy a load of your other products (I also have 5 cats.. they like to sleep in a pile in a large dog bed!) and, as my 3 year old daughter Artemis points out, the cats NEED PINK BOWLS TOO!! Well done on making such brilliant, high quality and eco friendly products. You can now be sure I will remain a customer for many years to come. with much love and respect

Kiri and animals (and environment)

Kiri Cook
Happy Beco Customer
Hi, just wanted to say how pleased I am with the durability of the Beco Bone, which I got from Just Dogs in Edinburgh. I have two bullies and two foster Staffies at the moment, who all need good quality toys and chews, the Beco Bone has now lasted 3 days of intense molar activity and very much in tact. I work with a charity, Staffie Smiles Rescue, based in Scotland and Beco Bones will certainly be on our recommended list to our Fosterers, adopters and private kennels 🙂

– Aileen

Aileen Symons
Happy Beco Customer